Dating british army officers

Those in the ranks of Captain, Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant are often referred to as subalterns. Colonel and Major are considered to be of field officers.

All above these are considered to be of general officer rank.

Sergeants typically are second in command of a troop or platoon of up to 35 soldiers, with the important responsibility for advising and assisting junior officers.

Badges for field officers were first introduced in 1810 and the insignia was moved to the epaulettes in 1880.

Lieutenant is a rank typically held for up to 3 years.

They normally command a platoon or troop of around 30 soldiers, but with experience comes increased responsibilities.

In 1767, the British Army issued an order to distinguish Field Marshals (once the rank was established in 1813) and different graded General officers by the combination of chevron-shaped ess pattern laces on the sleeve.

During the Napoleonic wars, Field Marshals wore oak-leaf embroidered collar and cuff; and shoulder cord instead of previous pattern. At the beginning of 1831, new rank distinction was ordered for Field Marshals and General officers.

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