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Touring Assurances is known in Belgium for its reliability and good services.

On their website you will find examples of how they calculate a car insurance price and how you can get an offer for free, without obligation.

A car insurance is something every expat or newcomer in Belgium needs.

The primary goal of this insurance is to provide financial protection against physical damage/injuries resulting from traffic accidents.

3: You could go for third-party liability coverage with additional coverage which you could choose yourself, this could be only coverage for theft for example.

TIP: If you land on the website of an Belgian car insurance company (which is often in Dutch or in French), make a right mouse-click anywhere on the page (Only works with Google Chrome!

These liabilities would cover physical damage or death that could be caused to a third person.

2: You can go choose for fully comprehensive coverage, which insures you in case of vandalism, theft, fire or in case of a traffic accident.

If you are not planning on driving a long way to work every day, this could be an interesting option for you.

Corona Direct is a car insurance company that was founded 80 years ago and is well known in Belgium for its good customer service.

Corona Direct has a customer service that can be reached 24/7 which makes it unique in Belgium.

DVV insurances was founded in 1929 which makes it the oldest insurance company in Belgium with a reliable reputation.

What does DVV offer that makes them one of the most successful car insurance companies in Belgium?

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