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It will save you and your children heartbreak down the road. Handsome your children are your priority and the person you are dating needs to understand that.When we were dating we often went on late dinner dates so I could read bedtime stories and put my daughter to bed.My husband and I are both firm believers that you must be yourself.

He knew my child was my first priority and he saw firsthand how much I loved her.At the time, it felt so long but looking back I feel like it was the perfect amount of time. While it is hard to make the decisions such as how much time you want to invest in a relationship before things become official; it’s important to give it some thought.With regards to my own situation, being together so long made the transition of mommy’s friend to mommy’s boyfriend to mommy’s fiancé to daddy (something she began doing on her own) to mommy’s husband much easier. Your past does not define you but it did help shape you and had a huge impact on the person you are today.I was fearful that she would become attached to the person I was with.We were dating for many months before he went out on an outing with the both of us.

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We dated for less than a couple months before I introduced him to my daughter. It also resulted in you receiving the most precious gift you could ever receive — your child(ren). I felt like I had become a statistic and based on my ex’s history I should have known better.

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