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High-school boys say, "Guys don't even know how to pursue in a manly or godly way"-and graduate students don't feel any more knowledgeable.

Many voices are trying to point the way, but one writer in particular has special influence: Josh Harris and his book (2003) came up in nearly every interview I had. Christian boys are scared of girls who make advances." The tension between dating and courtship takes place in an environment where "no one is rushing to make marriage a priority." In fact, many single Christians say their churches don't emphasize marriage in order not to offend singles-but it feels, Arevalo says, as though the church is saying, "Darn it, girl, why aren't you happy with this status? He's afraid that if he met and married a girl in the next few years, she'd expect him to work as an engineer.Why do some relationships last decades while others fizzle out after a few months?At Compatible Partners, we’ve spent many years studying people in relationships and identifying the factors that make two people truly....compatible.I ask a class of students in a figure drawing class at Parsons The New School for Design near Manhattan's Union Square. " The students, would-be artists and fashion designers who come from all over the world, laugh.In a school where nearly 80 percent of the students are female and many men are gay, their prospects are few.

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