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The only other source of firsthand information is Rose, whose account was printed in the Missouri Republican in 1859, and later reprinted as an appendix in Dr.Robert Glass Cleland's work, The Cattle on a Thousand Hills: Southern California, 1850-1880.In 1858 some miners who had just returned from California so fired my imagination with descriptions of its glorious climate, wealth of flowers, and luscious fruits, that I was inspired with an irresistible desire to experience in person the delights to be found in the land of plenty.To finance the venture, Rose sold the majority of his assets, and after paying off his debts was left with ,000, then a considerable amount of money.The resulting tensions between pro-slavery and anti-slavery groups fueled conflict near the Missouri state line, affecting its western counties, including Nodaway, where the Baleys and Hedgpeths lived.

The emigrants held off the assault, killing seventeen Mohave, but decided to backtrack more than 500 miles (800 km) to Albuquerque, New Mexico, instead of continuing on to their intended destination in southern California. Baley, great-grand nephew of Baley company leader, Gillum Baley, and the author of Disaster at the Colorado: Beale's Wagon Road and the First Emigrant Party (2002), little has been written about Beale's Wagon Road because the negative experiences of the first wagon trains to attempt the passage effectively "discouraged its use".

It is temperate in climate, passing for the most part over an elevated region.

It is salubrious: not one of our party requiring the slightest medical attendance from the time of our leaving to our arrival ...

John Udell, a 62-year-old Baptist minister kept a daily journal of the party's travels, recording the locations of their campsites, documenting their progress, and noting the availability of resources.

On August 30, 1858, after having traveled more than 1,200 miles (1,900 km) in four months, the Rose–Baley Party were attacked by three hundred Mohave warriors as they prepared to cross the Colorado River.

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According to Baley, political and economic factors prompted two Hedgpeth and two Baley families to leave northwestern Missouri for California in early 1858.

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