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Are you a man in Sydney who gets nervous or uncomfortable in social and dating situations?Maybe you just feel out of touch with the modern dating scene and want the confidence and social skills to have the social life and dating and relationship opportunities you really want?Pickup artistry was actually the first philosophy I researched and experimented with when I first attempted to get my sex life to materialise back in I would study and follow all of the popular pickup gurus of the day trying to find new tricks or techniques that would skyrocket my success.After about a year and a half of practicing pickup artistry I ran into some problems that caused me to take a completely different approach to learning how to meet women.An astrological consultation helps identify the strengths as well as vulnerabilities and challenges that we are likely to face within ourselves and in relation to others.What qualities are you needing in a partner to experience a fulfilling and loving relationship?The first place people look for information these days is online and I did just that.

Understanding and implementing effective communication skills enables a couple to connect to each other in a way that fosters deeper compassion & emotional intimacy for a healthier relationship. Are you just too nervous to really shine on that first date, perhaps too nervous to even go on a date. Your first consultation is absolutely cost and obligation free. Are you tired of going out all the time and not meeting anyone special? Learn the specific, step by step process with personal and online coaching.Fiona’s elite competence in asking generative questions helps uncover “The Map is not the Territory” for the person.Fiona provides the information to help achieve your goals.Someone who knows how to bring out the best in your abilities, so you can attain your chosen goals, dreams and desires.Click on my website for a chose of many Life Coaches in Australia.

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Jessica Revill deals specifically with relationship crisis, breakdown and loss. We offer an array of counselling options, from telephone to face to face and support group meetings.

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