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The earliest bottles had very different shapes from the contour bottles we see today.

And some early bottles used by Coca-Cola bottling companies may have contained a seltzer water or flavored soft drink.

Because Coca Cola sold in bottles almost from the launch of the product, myriad bottles from all decades exist.

The only truly valuable Coca Cola bottle is the aforementioned Hutchinson bottle.

Bottles of this type were produced between the years 1916 to 1923.

Contour bottles have been produced for so long and are so durable that they are still quite common.

As a result, they have not yet achieved a very high value.

You can read an overview of early bottles in the Collectors Column on The Coca-Cola Company’s website.

Collections may include small objects such as pins, bottles, advertising signs and Holiday collectibles or large items such as soda fountains, soda machines and even delivery trucks!

Members of this specialized club collect Coca Cola Christmas collectibles and ornaments.

With so many vintage and modern items to collect, you may want to pick a focus for your collection, such as collecting only items from the early period or collecting only Holiday themed items.

Perhaps you found an old Coke bottle in your grandma's basement or an old-looking serving tray with the Coke icon in the attic. A good collector's guide, such as Petretti's Coca Cola Price Guide and Encyclopedia, can help you correctly identify your item and estimate its age and value.

Note the condition of the item, too; scratches, dents, fading and damage significantly decrease the value of potential collectibles.

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