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China continues its mega-run with 8.4M to date, and a 30-day extension in hand.

But watch out, heads to the Middle Kingdom on Friday.

The latter will fall day-and-date with North America in two weeks while the Middle Kingdom cozies up to T-Rex next weekend. We’ll have a better outlook when we see holds next weekend, as well as the China opening which is tracking well.

China is handily looking like a 0M three-day bow. The early offshore debut was partly down to targeting the similar frame from 2015, but it also helps to get the movie in theaters a week before kick-off on the World Cup soccer tournament — and it gives folks something to chew on after begins a staggered rollout next weekend.) The lead hub for this Chris Pratt/Bryce Dallas Howard-starrer was Korea which was aided by the Memorial Day holiday on Wednesday June 6.

We’ve looked at what happened here over the past few weeks and noted there were some decent holds last session on what is a fun movie.

But the failure to launch à la a continue to clip the Millennium Falcon’s wings. 1 at .8M, followed by China (.3M), Germany (M), Australia (M) and France (.3M). is on the cusp of crossing the B worldwide mark, becoming only the 4th movie to ever achieve the milestone.

There, it scored the biggest opening day in industry history and came out of the frame with an estimated .2M at 450 locations (including previews).

The Russos' Captain America: Civil War is in cinemas from April 29, 2016.

Whedon will have directed two Avengers films, while Jon Favreau has made two Iron Man movies.

Whedon has long hinted that he would be departing the Marvel franchise after his second Avengers film, Age of Ultron, which is in UK cinemas next month.

Overall, the Top 10 markets behind Korea and the UK are France (M), Spain (.5M), Germany (.1M), Taiwan (.4M), Russia (M), India (.9M), Indonesia (.2M) and Thailand (.7M).

For the weekend, is the biggest for Universal ever in both Korea and Hong Kong.

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