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The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry asked the Japan Association for the Promotion of Foreign Language Education, an industry body, to call on its member schools to accept Nova students.METI also requested consumer credit companies not to seek loan repayments from the 20% of Nova students who paid their tuition with loans because Nova has ceased operations and they could not take lessons.Some teachers could not even afford a plane ticket home.The Australian and British embassies in Japan set up information pages on their websites to assist their nationals and Qantas airline offered reduced airfares for Australian Nova employees wishing to return to of this type until its widely publicized collapse in October 2007.

The desperate situation of many of the foreign teachers raised concerns over an apparent lack of an adequate safety net for foreign workers in Japan.It took roughly eight months for the company to reach the point where it filed for bankruptcy protection on 26 October 2007 whereupon the trading of its stock was suspended and was delisted on 27 November 2007.On 6 November 2007 court-appointed receivers announced that Nagoya-based G. Initial plans by were to start with reopening up to 30 schools in various locations including Tokyo and Osaka by the end of November 2007.The publicity, generated by the collapse in Japan and in other countries, also threatened to damage the reputation of Japan's foreign language industry although the Japanese government attempted to minimize the damage by pledging non-specific support despite remaining essentially uninvolved in the chaotic collapse.The government did set up a special consultation booth briefly at the Hello Work public employment office in Shinjuku in Tokyo for Nova instructors seeking advice Although Nova was unable to successfully attract a corporate partner to stave off the bankruptcy, twelve companies quickly applied for sponsorship to rebuild Nova Corp, some of which made specific proposals to turn around the company. Communication, a Nagoya-based operator of cram schools, language schools and restaurant chains announced it had been unofficially selected to take over part of the operations of failed Nova Corp before any official decision by the board of trustees had been released. Education Co, a subsidiary of G.communication, would take over part of Nova's operations in addition to the chain of EC Inc English conversation schools of Hokkaido it runs.

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