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This led to him being charged with the above charges. GATIEN, Paul Anthony - CCA, 9.12.98Conviction appeal. Appellant indicted on 7 counts, 6 were for sexual offences & one was for AOABH.

The judge directed the jury to acquit on counts 1, 2 & 3.

Attack upon wife outside her workplace following an argument with her the previous evening, striking the wife repeatedly with the butt of a shotgun with sufficient force to cause part of the wood of the butt to break away. Already serving a sentence at time of sentencing for above offences. Maliciously discharge gun with intent to do GBH; possess shortened firearm; possess unlicensed pistol. Fitness to be tried - special hearing held - found guilty of some offences by jury - subsequent review of forensic patients one year later - now found fit to plead. Appellant convicted of misprision of felony (common law misdemeanour triable on indictment) involving a sexual offence on appellant's daughter.

These applications opposed by prosecution & refused by magistrate. DOUGLAS, Trevor Anthony - CCA, Crown appeal.2 x dangerous drive causing death.12m PD.

Respondent was the driver of a prime mover & trailer which collided with the rear of a station wagon travelling in the same lane. SCOTT, Ernest Clyde - CCA, 8.12.98Crown appeal against orders granting permanent stay of proceedings. At the time of the offences, the appellant was a practising.

The jury acquitted appellant of counts 4, 6 & 7 & convicted him of count 5 only.

Complainant's evidence supported by appellant's admission in record of interview.

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