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[Read: How to make any man fall in love with you] #2 Play the staring game Now that we’ve got his attention, it’s time to let him know that something’s brewing in the air.Stare at him now and then, and just as he catches you looking, look away in a cute and coy manner.When you’re falling in love with a guy, you obviously don’t care whether he’s taken or not.

[Read: Annoying girlfriend habits that guys hate] Once you get to know the little lovers’ tiffs the guy you like and his girlfriend have, try to win his affection by discreetly bringing up similar issues and let him see how similar both your tastes and opinions are.

After all, more often than not, a guy falls in love more for the physical appearance than emotional security.

While it’s easy to make a guy like you at first sight, it isn’t easy to steal a guy away or make him fall in love with you because men pay a lot of attention to emotional needs too.

The next time you’re having a conversation with him or walking down a street, take his help.

If you’re talking to him, rest your palm on his forearm to adjust your heel straps.

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