Dating in gta 4 lost and damned

When you can't spot anymore enemies from the vantage point, get back to street level and move towards the refinery.

The mission is complete once you have lost the wanted level. You'll get a call from Pegorino shortly after the cutscene; he's made up his mind, and it's Ray.Use the Sniper Rifle to kill the two guys to the right of the refinery, and the guy at the top of the stairs, and then start towards Pegorino's location.There is an enemy hiding to the left of the first doorway, so watch out.Stop by Pegorino's mansion in Westdyke, Algonquin wearing a smart suit and smart shoes to accept a mission from him.Get in the car with Pegorino and the others and then start towards the old refinery in Acter Industrial Park.

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