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In 1872 Ivy founded a newspaper, the two years later.

He was also active in the drive that established the first steam-powered textile mill in the upcountry, the Rock Hill Cotton Factory, in 1880.

The 1890s also saw the city make a successful bid to become the new home of the Winthrop Normal and Industrial College, which opened in Rock Hill in 1895.

Through the efforts of the local entrepreneur James Morrow Ivy in the 1870s, Rock Hill developed into a booming cotton market.

The city’s remarkable success in attracting foreign investment and promoting economic growth prompted former governor Carroll Campbell to proclaim, “Every city in this state should look to Rock Hill to see the formula for success in action.” Brown, Douglas Summers.

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In 1916 the carriage maker John Gary Anderson organized the Anderson Motor Company, which produced as many as thirty-five automobiles per day before its failure in 1924.

In 1929 the Lowenstein Corporation of New York converted the automobile plant into its Rock Hill Printing and Finishing Company (known locally as the Bleachery).

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