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at this point there hasn't been a firm commitment to launch the device" Ackerman said.

However, launching the i Phone SE 2 so early would see it on shelves when the new i Phone range - including the i Phone 9 - is announced in September.

If Apple doesn't mess with the design of the next iteration, there's little reason to see it removed.

We're expecting something that at least takes in some of the power of the i Phone X - and perhaps even the same 'all-screen' front - and makes it around the half the price, which would surely be a huge draw for anyone looking to get the latest 'i Phone look' for less.One of the more impressive things about the SE is that it fits in a similar set of specs found in the i Phone 6S.A punchy palm-sized smartphone that could handle everything that its fancier i Phone brethren could for a more digestible price.From a value perspective, the i Phone SE is high on the charts if you're looking for a phone that will last you through the day.As we discovered in our in-depth battery test, the SE swept the floor of the other popular i Phone models of the time, like the i Phone 7 and i Phone 6. The screen is smaller and its boxy design doesn’t force Apple to slim down on the battery in the way that it might for a slimmer, sleeker chassis used with its core i Phone products.

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The rear of the phone will pack the same dual cameras as the i Phone X, with a video of a purportedly leaked of the new i Phone SE 2: BGR was also sent some sketches of the phone in this configuration from a 'reliable source', so it's got some grains of truth in there, with the notch at the top, no home button and no headphone port (the latter a regular rumor).which also shows off a notch at the top for a smaller phone - all these rumors swirling together seem to hint that Apple is at least looking at bringing a smaller i Phone with the large display to market.

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