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Their journey from industry laughing-stock in its early years to its current place atop the field, consistently, as the best brokerage firm in Canada (cited by Globe and Mail, Money Sense Magazine, and Deloitte annual rankings) has been a long and fascinating one. Questrade offers the cheapest trades in virtually every investment category in all of Canada.Within this in-depth Questrade review I will explore their impressive range of offerings and debate if you should join. There pricing structure hasn’t changed since their inception and is so impressive that it actually encourages new and small investors to jump into the investment game while also drawing in disgruntled investors from other brokerages.All Questrade account holders, however, including households having the same physical address (which can also be a group of strangers when using the my Family program), with combined equity assets of at least ,000 are exempt from this inactivity fee.

This is obviously no longer necessary while investing at Questrade.With so many turning to ETFs these days due to their low MER and diversified reach it’s a wonderful breath of fresh air to be able to do so at no cost.All indications seem to be that Questrade was the first discount broker in Canada to do this, and I applaud them.In my opinion self-directed is all one will ever need considering how making informed investment decisions is quite simple for even newcomers these days.And to compound on this, self-directed accounts have no fees (outside the usual trade commission) associated with them unlike their managed investing cousins.

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For stock trading, Questrade offers a unique democratic pricing structure.

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