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robotic copy written by people embedded with circuit boards. The problem with both of the above is that the participial phrase that begins the sentence is not intended to modify what follows next in the sentence.However, readers mentally expect it to work that way, so your opening phrase should always modify what immediately follows. You may find it amusing to know that I, like David Ogilvy, have never learned the formal rules of grammar.Haven’t seen a historical one other than Hwarang, which I loved for all the male leads.I’ve gotten half way through, but sadly I feel like I’m forcing myself to watch it now?“Their” is a plural possessive pronoun, as in “their bags” or “their opinions.” Always do the “that’s ours!

Check out these two examples from Tom Sant’s book Persuasive Business Proposals: Hmmm…

Here are five mistakes to avoid when blogging and writing web copy.

This one drives me insane, and it’s become extremely common among bloggers.

Overall, I’m really writing to ask those who’ve finished it if the latter half is worth the watch?

I really, really just want to see Ra On become strong and discover herself.

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