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It promotes the safety and welfare of South African Jewry, including combating antisemitism in all its forms, and builds bridges of friendship and understanding between Jews and the broader South African population.

Earlier today the SA Jewish Board of Deputies, through Ian Levitt Attorneys, laid criminal charges at the Sandton Police Station against three individuals who posted threatening and grossly antisemitic comments against the Jewish community last week.

The Israel Centre represents The Jewish Agency for Israel in South Africa and is the corner stone for Zionist education in the South African Jewish Community, based on the recognition of the State of Israel as the National State of the Jewish People.

Israel Centre is committed to strengthening the connection between the South African Jewish Community with the State of Israel and the connection of Israelis with South African Jewry.

Hence, Israel Centre connects Jews with Israel (Bein Adam L’Arzo); with one another (Bein Adam L’Hevrato); with Jewish Heritage (Bein Adam L’Morashto); and with Jewish collective future (Bein Adam L’Amo), based on Jewish and Zionist values that creates our Peoplehood unique content.

Israel Centre is proactive in building bridges and in providing safe zone for constructive discourse that enables and strengthens the unity of the Jews in South Africa with a particular focus on empowering and mobilizing young activists to take responsibility.

The incidents, which are being followed up by the SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD), have generated great anxiety and anger in the Jewish community and screenshots of the offending posts have gone viral Dear Community Member The SAJBD has been notified of a number of appalling antisemitic comments posted on social media platforms by a number of different people over the past 24 hours.

For the rest of the week, members lived and worked among Gentiles, but on night and Jewish holidays, they were able to exist in a Jewish world. Later, Bob Liverman would serve as lay leader while Ellis Farber, the longtime president of the congregation, would give sermons and Torah lessons.Bloom started the Virginia Peanut Festival, which became a big draw for local tourism, and served as president of the Emporia Chamber of Commerce.The wives of congressmen and Weldon Jewish Dating shopped at her high-end boutique in Roanoke Rapids, where customers were served by appointment only. On Rosh Hashanah, members would gather together for a meal at Free Online Dating in Annandale, VA local Holiday Inn, whose restaurant was run by congregant Harold Bloom.But then, the quoted above number represents the Jewish population in the USA alone.The SAJBD is the umbrella representative spokesbody and civil rights lobby of the SA Jewish community.

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