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(Nevertheless, even if the company name is missing, it is still authentic if it has the wreath logo.) In 1930, the phrase “Made in U. Another way of identifying Lenox china is by the date code.If there is not a pattern name, look for a series of letters and numbers either on the bottom or on the rim of a piece.Shortly thereafter, the company began using the famous crossed swords mark, which is still in use today.Markings are often located on the bottom of a piece, and usually include (depending on the age of the item) a pattern name, a product number, the year of its creation, company name, retailer, and/or brand name.The first set of numbers before the slash describes the piece’s shape.Next, you will find a letter and a number (and sometimes, a second letter), which makes up the date code.

After the date code, you should see a string of letters which correspond to a piece’s pattern colors.

Before he co-founded the Ceramic Art Company in 1889 with Jonathan Coxon, Walter Scott Lenox worked at Ott and Brewer of Trenton, New Jersey, a city that was home to some 200 potteries.

In the late 19th century, the Ceramic Art Company was just one of many producers of porcelain inspired by Belleek.

Lenox porcelain is well-known in the United States. founded the Ceramic Art Company in Trenton, New Jersey, in 1889.

In 1896 Lenox bought out Coxon's interest, and in 1906 the company was renamed Lenox, Inc..

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