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Kind regards, James Folks, Unfortunately you cannot date UGB glass simply with the numbers from the bottom of the bottle...

Most of the dating information is found in the Main-label, Cap-Style, & Tax Stamps.

This bottle dates sometime between 1930's to the 1950's to bad it's empty this is really good gin.

Value would not be much since the labels are missing 5.00 pounds maybe. Kind regards, James 1955 to 1958 125.00 to 175.00 pounds I know some one in GB if you need. So if you don't need the money drink it and please try it neat!!!!

Case gin bottles, also known as taper gins, were a common style used from the 17th through early 20th centuries.

There was a great selection of case gins there including a period chest full of gins.

(British Glass 2004) In conjunction with the finish (lip), the various attributes and features found on the base of a bottle allows for some of the better opportunities for the manufacturing based dating of a bottle.

This potential for datable features is very useful since bottles are more often than not lacking embossing - an attribute which can often enhance dating opportunities.

If you are not getting answers to your questions, it may be because you are not providing the needed information!

Post some clear photos of your bottles (Standing position please), and we'll try to get you the information you need b oughton, There is one clue on the main-label of your bottle that can help with dating this to within a 5 year time-span.

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