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My cats are very special to me and I feel it is important for them to eat a diet that is equal in nutritional quality to what I would put on my own dinner plate.

I spend a few hours in the kitchen every ~ 12 – 16 weeks making a batch of food that is then frozen.

Please see Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition for reasons why dry food is not a healthy diet for any cat.

Making cat food: Do it and do it right, or don’t do it at all.

(See Urinary Tract Diseases – Opie’s Story.) If you are firmly opposed to feeding any part of the diet in a raw form – even after reading the Safety section below – you can contact me to set up an appointment for a phone consultation to discuss formulating and preparing a diet that uses cooked ingredients.Also, the 2007 Menu pet food tragedy that resulted in the deaths and severely compromised health of many cats and dogs left me with an even deeper desire to have as much control as possible over what goes into my cats’ food bowls.I don’t ever want to go through what those people went through when they lost their beloved pets due to human greed and deception.Unfortunately, often neither group considers how the meat is Our goal is to feed a diet that nature intended for our carnivores – staying as close as possible to the form and nutritional composition that our cats would eat in a natural setting – while implementing safety strategies as discussed below. No human is – even board-certified veterinary nutritionists.None of us know exactly which are destroyed/damaged with the cooking process.

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