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The D trains (high speed) now serve Pingyao at a new station southwest of the city Pingyao Gu Cheng). Given China's low taxi rates, some opt for this from Taiyuan.It takes about 4 hours from Beijing or 3 hours from Xi'an. The public buses is ¥3; there is one that goes to the north gate and one to the south gate, but they have the same bus number, so you have to ask. For instance, if you find yourself at the bus or train station with no other option that day- seek out other travelers until you have a total of ~4. Try not to pay above ¥400, regardless of the # of passengers. To get to the walled city though,you should only pay about Y10。 Additionally, if booking Pingyao accommodation in advance - check if your hotel/hostel offers airport pickup (surprisingly many do, given this is the nearest airport), and at what price.Perfect for atmospheric wandering when tour groups are not present (i.e.only before 8am), this city is still off the radar of most foreigners.As the old walled city is only about 1 mile by 1 mile (or 1.6km by 1.6km), walking is the by far #1 way around.

mile), inhabited, mostly off-limits to cars, and constructed of cobbled streets and buildings almost entirely from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

This bus will drop passengers off at the toll plaza 3km from the town, from which you may wait for another bus or negotiate with the non-marked taxi drivers for a ride into town. From Guangzhou: These trains are making 2 minute stops in Pingyao. Though tickets on night trains are often available, and thus can alleviate the inconvenience.

Check details for each train to avoid missing the station. Tickets for the day trains are often booked out so plan well in advance if you want to travel during the day.

The first day, many map-wielding tourist become confused in placing themselves, thinking they are seeing the nearby city wall, when they in fact are not. Nearly every building dates from the Ming (1368-1644) or Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties.

The main attraction in Pingyao's walled city is - well, the city itself. The car-free status and ancient street plan adds to the strong atmosphere. However, admission to any of the 30 specially-designated attractions inside the city requires a common ticket (¥150 circa summer 2017, ¥65 for students (don't forget your student card)) that lasts for 3 days. These specially-designated attractions include, among others: Most of the Ancient City, at least the areas near the major attractions and along the busiest streets, is lined with shops that cater toward tourists.

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