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We’ll be drifting to sleep, and Andrew will mumble, “You know what sounds good right now? For drinks, we’ve been making Ferraris — a mix of Campari and Fernet Branca.

Announcing, “I’ll take another Ferrari,” is as crazy as it gets around here.

For storage, stuff goes under the bed or on a rickety closet shelf only Andrew can reach.

Our suitcases store extra sheets and out-of-season clothes.

We laugh that it’s the ultimate test of a relationship to go from years of long-distance dating to living together in one room.

We’re 12 feet away from each other at all times, and we share a closet.

She started her career when I was a teenager, and as I grow older, I am so grateful for the years I watched her navigate everything. They’re usually along the lines of, “Call you later, just ordered 90 gallons of synthetic snow from Amazon!

Our first fight here was over whether we had enough space to get a printer!

Some nights we look at each other and are like, : There are a few basic game-changers, like throwing open the windows for fresh air (it feels like a treehouse), choosing white sheets (they brighten the room) and adding life with houseplants (ones that can handle some neglect).

To stay organized, we have to be savage and scrappy.

I’ll donate anything I don’t use often enough — mostly kitchen tools and clothes.

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