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And even if they manage to start a more or less lengthy dialogue, its content is more boring than the content of telephone directories. After you begin your communication with any of the opening questions in online dating (this is the only exception when you do not have to invent something witty and extraordinary but just use a ready template), you have to use good online dating questions. This is a territory of public information, but it allows you to get to know each other better and establish a more personal contact. Because of the big difference in temperaments and dynamics of characters, quarrels often arise, and sometimes there are irreconcilable differences. At the initial stage of relations that have appeared in real life people often forget about this.Today we will provide you with the good online dating questions that can revive even the most boring correspondence. In addition, the presence or absence of a hobby in a person will allow you to understand whether it is worth spending time on him or her at all. If you cannot imagine your evenings without walks in the park, if your ideal Saturday morning is surfing the warm waves of the ocean, and your interlocutor prefers quiet viewing of films, reading books at every free minute, you are unlikely to succeed. The most reliable benchmark in this situation is your temperament. These online dating questions are more relevant for men. This is because of hormones raging in the blood, "pink-colored glasses" and the belief that here it finally happened, the most important meeting in life, the meeting with that “special someone”, which the Lord sent for you himself.The absence of eye contact removes a lot of psychological barriers, we do not need to watch our gestures, facial expressions and so on.We do not doubt our appearance, and our timbre of voice does not seem somehow ... Lord, did you ever hear your voice recorded on video?But do not trust the result too much - remember that only X-Men can objectively speak about themselves but not ordinary mortals like you and me. You are responsible for the person you invite to an unfamiliar country! In addition, you will be able to learn many details of the nature of your interlocutor.He will not even notice how he will reveal all the cards to you, because bright events that are remembered for life are very personal information, but very few people think about it. Especially with the representatives of the opposite sex to whom you feel attraction.But if you are a person who visits a dating site for the first time, your experience of communication on the Internet is small but you set out to meet a girl for serious relationship, things can be not so simple.

If you and your potential partner are on the different sides of the barricades - your relationship is doomed to failure. Few people like to talk about their ex`s, but this is a very useful question that can positively affect the subsequent dialogue.

If they go far enough - a painful and very dangerous failure is waiting for you. People who do not like the prospect of having children, usually answer this question directly, or start to give some blurry and vague answers. Questions for online dating must be informative, remember it.

They do not want to upset you in advance and lose you, as it seems to them that they will persuade you. First, you will show yourself as a caring and intelligent person who prefers to learn from other people's mistakes, not his own.

There are those who yearn earnestly to have someone to call their own, and they lament at the fear of never finding their one true love.

And then there are those who perk up at the opportunity to talk about their journey and the respect they have for those who choose to risk it all and take the ultimate plunge into love. If you want to be with someone who takes care of themselves then you need to follow suit and be presentable.

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It seems that communication on the Internet is much easier than communication in real life.

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