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Spending too much time during the “get to know” phase online may distort the true identities of both parties, both raising expectations for the actual face to face encounter while creating a false sense of intimacy.Moreover, the longer time spent navigating online the greater the likelihood that all parties are also seeking out additional dating candidates as well—the commodification of the process can only by tempered by face to face interactions that humanize the other person.And this immune response may also ruin your hot date, according to the researcher's study in February 2018 issue of the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

And while you might believe the answer hinges mostly on "chemistry" or mutual interests, a team of psychology researchers from Mc Gill University in Montreal suggests that there's an unlikely judge ultimately making the call: your behavioral immune system.

Every time you swap saliva, you also swap pheromones, hormones and millions of bacteria that may contain important genetic information about your partner.

Whether you'd prefer to learn that information this way is up to you — and your immune system, of course.

Never lose sight of the fact that these are actual flesh and blood people you are interacting with, and that they will come with the same imperfections or quirks that you do—the key is to finding that special someone whose imperfections match well with your own.

A process that can only occur with conversation in the real world—awkward, unpredictable and rife with possibility—all the variables needed for attaining that elusive but meaningful love connection also require navigating off of a screen.

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