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I have a female friend who refuses to let men pay for dinner on dates, no matter how much they insist on picking up the tab.

She’s not alone: many women feel that if they want equality and agency, they have to hand over their credit card at the end of a romantic meal.

In my dating days, I usually offered to go dutch or take turns getting the check.

Obviously, there’s no clear consensus on what constitutes a first-date dealbreaker, so I was surprised to learn the lopsided results of a poll asking about the worst first-date offense. An overwhelming 43% are most turned off by their dates “being rude to the staff people [they] encounter (waiters, theater attendants, valet)”. There are a litany of dating rules out there, and tons of conflicting advice.

But I’d contest that it’s not my choice: it’s just the way life works.

Most men are more attracted to women who don’t have grey roots, a beard or moustache, a unibrow, ragged or discoloured nails or an uneven skin tone — and part of the purpose of a date is to appear attractive to the other person.

But even two years of cohabitation later, some of my friends still write off the beginning of my relationship as a fluke.

Most of the tweets were jokes, but many also referenced the amount of time women take to prepare for a date versus men. Just lather on the cologne and spray your underarms with Febreze.’ Contrast this with a tweet from journalist Holly Brockwell: ‘Four hours choosing outfit, two hours bathing, one hour preparing anecdotes, ten seconds writing apology text, eight hours of Netflix.’ While men just need to shower, shave, dress and possibly faff about with their hair, women typically spend an average of two hours and four minutes getting ready.

I once worked out that I shelled out an average of £54 before a date.

Rachel Kramer Bussel, The “Lusty Lady”, once wrote: “It’s also circumstantial; if I know my date makes three times more than me and he doesn’t even offer to pay, I won’t be amused.” I think it could make sense to divvy up expenses depending on each person’s means rather than gender, but regardless, it takes two to tango.

In other words, women shouldn’t simply sit back and wait for their companion to pick up their tab, even if they know or suspect their date is better equipped financially to do so.

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