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though they would not go through the process of handing out TWt H. Took FOREVER to get through all their bullshit to sign up, and then they don't even activate your account till someone reviews it and activates it and sends you an email.

However, I used a fake email (Theta [email protected]) and a fake name (John Seltret) and the same username as the email.

Anyway, even if Scientology does not actually make people into racists, there is no reason why a racist could not become a Scientologist. The religion of Hinduism includes the principle of karma (your spiritual worthiness arising from the good and the bad things that you do in your lifetime) which determines what your next incarnation will be like.

Whereas in Scientology, you become obsessed with bodies as a result of trillions of years of aberrative incidents, but in the end, you decide on the body that you wish to pick up for your next lifetime.

Free Spirit Singles is an organization whose basis is a shared appreciation of LRH's pamphlet, The Way To Happiness.

This is possibly the most insipid, unoriginal, and unimpressive of all of LRH's publications.

I actually couldn't believe that LRH wrote such a thing, when it was first published.

Everything that LRH claimed about himself was either false or highly exaggerated.

My god, the global expansion here is mind boggling.

I would assume that the first date is "Get together to hand out booklets." Which is not exactly my dream date, but it would sound like an "on-purpose" idea; then at least if the date was a bust, you'd have done some kind of good in the world.

Depends whether you think handing out The Way to Happiness is doing some good in the world...

lol It would certainly seem that most of the people on that site would though.

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The most we can honestly say about him is that he was a popular science fiction writer of the 1940's and even then, not a writer, just a popular writer.

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