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Table manners: When you're at dinner with a Ukrainian woman, she will expect you to do the pouring.Be checking her glass from time to time and fill it if it's below half full.Take off your shoes when you're entering her home: Ukrainians do not usually walk in their homes with their shoes on. You may be given a pair of slippers upon entering her home. You will return the honor by making the second toast.If not, take off your shoes and remain in your socks to avoid bringing dirt into the house. Kissing to depart: She will usually kiss you one to three times on the cheeks as a form of wishing you well as you depart.Do not brag about the money or material things you have.But be watchful: if she asks you too early to buy her something very expensive, she might only be interested in the material benefits she will be getting from you.

Sexual subjects in general should be avoided in the beginning of the process of getting to know your Ukrainian date, especially on the first date.

Gifts when visiting: Be sure to bring a gift when you visit your Ukrainian date.

A bottle of wine or cake is okay but any thoughtful gift will be very much appreciated. If you will buy flowers, make sure the number is not even and the color is not yellow.

Try as much as you can to learn Ukrainian language and help her to learn yours.

If she does not make any effort to learn your language, it most likely means she does not take your relationship serious.

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