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The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences reported that brain scans had found that those with this disorder suffered from right hemithalamic dysfunction.

There are also various psychiatric theories regarding the cause.

In the past two decades countless hours of research and multiple papers have been written regarding this issue, though it remains one of the most under researched psychiatric conditions.

If the person does not recognize that they suffer from this condition, therapy will be of no consequence.

This is the main story arc to unlock the Iokath dailies.

Most of it is straightforward with some exceptions.

This allows them to gain insight into the disorder, express their feelings openly, and bring up important issues such as trust without the sufferer feeling as if they are being attacked.

There is no guarantee that a relationship will survive, but the chances are increased with the amount of energy that is out into treatment.

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Also, the prescription of anti-anxiety medications may be used to decrease the feelings of anxiety that may unconsciously prompt the individual to lie.

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