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Click one of the options below and we will take it from there… I do not like the fact that you need to interact with them further.

If you received an email about a trial-period membership and have not yet been charged (you are still within the trial period), then you need to visit or call LOGFIND.

The charges range from .95 to as much as 0 per month. The Date Verification scam site connects to a click-generating web site, that sends you to a rotating set of billing sites. Since it is hidden, you could not know to cancel the subscription before the trial period ended.

It is a complex network of facade websites, obfuscating click generating / controller web sites, shell companies and white label service companies.

They said that the total cost is 80 for everything. He knows how to push the right buttons to make his victims to completely fall in love with a fictional lonely girl from the letters.We provide the proof and evidence to back up any allegations that we write about.The typical process that goes into doing our reviews includes signing up to the dating site we are examining.The iframe displays content from, and routes your credit card and personal information to another site without your knowledge. The actual site lives a short life, but like a cat with 9 lives, they come back over and over. If do not find anything useful Here are examples from a billing and a porn site.It also prevents you from seeing what you are really signing up for. There are multiple re-directs to different websites that eventually lands on LOGFIND. Remember the billing name rotates, and the free bonus offers change occasionally. COM is Lorcit Limited, Office 1, Ground Floor 26 Kings Hill Avenue, Maidstone, Kent, ME19 4AE, UK. Generally, I do not recommend that you contact them because it just adds to the risks. – will have additional information. – – – – – – – he said with a tip of the hat to Billy Mays… More charges could be on the way depending on how the multiple trial periods fall in your credit card billing cycle.

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Many dating sites are owned by the same people and companies over and over again.

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