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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. That you have similar beliefs, ideals, life goals... I mean lets face it I would probebily move to canada or australia, before I would New York or LA.

Firstly i appear to get the majority of fans from Canada. and you start to think that you could really have something with that person. Another thing that probebly doesn't apply here is just talking to people oversea's is cool, but thats more remote countries.

When moving here, she was given the money by her dad...

She ended up having to collect the Air Miles from most of her family, and pool them together (which I didn't know you could do) in order to afford her first trip to see me.

But since I haven't been having luck with that, I thought I'd broaden my horizons.

Not to mention, some Canadian provinces like British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba are all much closer to where I live than half the states in the U. So why wouldn't I contact a woman in Calgary (a 10 hour drive away from me) instead of Florida (a 3 day drive away?

people can/do fall in love from a distance and couplings are often ultimately realized.

Nevertheless, meaningful Online friendships/relationships do form ...

They tend to fare better with long-term partners because they already have a foundation established in their relationship to sustain the stresses involved with the painful separations that come with their lifestyles of distance.

So,please dont stop,just explain the rational behind it. I've not searched outside the country much less the state but if I knew I were moving to the area, I certainly would. If you're attracted to someone, you're attracted to someone. Months of conversations followed on the telephone, and I confirmed her outward manifestations as well as many wonderful inner characteristics. If love, as a gift, could be measured expressed in terms of sheer intensity, I have experienced it. After years of hapless relationships I've finally come to the realization that the woman of my dreams may not live in the country I live in.

Do you guys really expect a relationship to form,do you genuinely like women from other countries or are you just playing the field so to speak. Green Card Thats what I assume and I'm probably not too far off from most of those people I used to be on a different personals site and I eventually added to my profile that I wasnt looking for anyone outside of Canada or the US but obviously some guys didnt even read my profile because they contacted me anyway Its an ego boost, with no harm of being uncomfortable. In fact, of all the nations I could pick from, Canada is in the top 3 and somewhere I'd love to live. It's all about the politics and environmental issues. Yes dating someone from another country is going to be difficult but it's worth the challenge.

I never really thought about it untill i came on here,and certainly wouldnt have chosen to correspond with a guy overseas. contact someone in another country,in the first place. I guess if from one of those oppressed countries that would be an option,but from Canada to Australia,i dont think so.^^^why are you here? They're just looking for ppl thinking the same way as they are. It's just one scenario, out of many different ones. Maybe someone saw your profile and said wow, I'd like to send her a note or him a note. Sometimes its finding the unexpected when you least expect it. "An awful lot of people here aren't finding what they're looking for in their own backyard. Others don't conciously look, yet find themselves drawn to someone who lives hours away. OP: Why not ask the ones that contact you their motivation? I suppose we both knew in advance that relocation for either of us was not an option, but confronting the fact “head-on” was difficult.

I guess i am sceptical as to the sincerity of such guys,or the overall motive behind the offers,and what is wrong with the women in their own countries? However,i like the attention,and much prefer to converse with these guys rather than the few aussie men i have encountered. I fell in love with a woman that I only knew online and on the phone and such. About 5 months later she came to visit me for a week. I know some can work,especially if met on holiday,but to make that first move,thats what im trying to find out. But just because someone is from another country, never has and never will stop ppl from falling in love with each other, crossing the oceans or borders and starting their lives together. Maybe they read a post and thought you were worth the time it took to email to say hi. If I see a post, a profile etc, that I like, I'll send a note and if I end up with new friends because of it, yay me. Can anyone help finding some-one attractive, regardless of where they may be in the world? Nothing is "across the board" in this whacky nut-job environment! I had somewhat of a perfect life, with all of the usual amenities. I made a contact; she seemed bright, beautiful, educated, ambitious, adventurous, and worldly. We continued the intense relationship we had initiated on the telephone. After some awkward times, we knew that the best relationship we could have would be friends, and that’s what we are – but I still love her, and she loves me.

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I can say one thing is that people in north America have been spoiled.

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