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It finally clicked that, yes I may feel awkward for a little, but that will pass: How did this notion develop in our minds that there was something wrong with dating someone who was shorter? Look, I did warn you that I can get a bit snappy and defensive sometimes. The short man thing is pretty sexist, when you think about it Perhaps the questions and comments are a patriarchal hangover from a time when men were expected to lift girls onto horses and joust for their honour.

It’s totally possible that your crush will grow a few inches within the next few months or years and end up being a lot taller than he is now.In fact, it’s kind of silly to throw away what could be a great relationship just because of someone’s height.If you genuinely like this guy and he likes you back, then I think that you should definitely give him a chance.Not surprisingly, she was suddenly interested in him again.She did everything she could to win him back, but it didn’t work… That might sound like a lame story I just made up to ultimately get my point across, but it’s very much the truth.

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