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This prevents the back from deadening the vibrations when it touches the player, thus increasing resonance and volume.

The internal construction is a little bit unusual, but the result is a traditional sound.

The guitar is available with cedar or spruce tops, and I chose spruce because I like the spruce sound for Baroque repertoire.

My duet partner purchased the cedar top version, and he is also pleased with it.

For example: compare attempting to navigate by GPS versus celestial navigation.

May lead to Chekhov's Gun or Chekhov's Exhibit, if said museum piece has been noted earlier in the plot.In SF settings, it's very possible that Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better.If the museum piece is used with something newer it's Retro Upgrade. Contrast with Unfinished, Untested, Used Anyway, in which the piece of equipment is usually a prototype or one-of-a-kind that's put into service before being properly put through its paces. standard string spacing "I usually take 4.7 for the Stauffer replicas.8) 22 fret Stauffer raised fingerboard with clock-key adjustable action.

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