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In all four of the New Testament gospels, there is only one actual report of the period of time that passed between Jesus’ death and his resurrection.There are, to be sure, a dozen references that mention the three days his body would lie in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.But it comes as a surprise for many to learn that the tradition of Friday as the day of the crucifixion is not supported in the scriptures.Rather, the clues in both the New Testament and the Book of Mormon point to Thursday as the day of the week when Jesus was crucified.The only after-the-fact report of the time elapsed between the crucifixion and the resurrection is found in Luke -21, in the account of the two disciples conversing with the risen Lord on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus.In that conversation, which occurred in the afternoon of the Sunday Jesus had risen, the disciple Cleopas explained to the stranger walking with them (whom they did not realize was the Savior) that Jesus had been delivered by the chief priests and was crucified.Hence, the day of Jesus’ crucifixion has to have been a Thursday, the day before that Festival Sabbath.

Since Jesus died at “the ninth hour” (Matthew ), around PM Jerusalem time, the hour of his death would have been about AM Central Time in America.This would allow for darkness in America all day Friday, and also all day Saturday.But it would be impossible for three days of darkness to have occurred prior to Jesus’ resurrection, as he rose from the dead and left his tomb early on Sunday morning in Jerusalem, well prior to midnight on Saturday night in America.The book of Third Nephi reports that at the very time Jesus died in Jerusalem a great storm arose in ancient America (see 3 Nephi 8:5, compare Helaman ).After the storm, which lasted for three hours, there was darkness over all the land for three days, which served as a sign of Jesus’ death, and coincided with the time that his body was in the tomb in Jerusalem (see 3 Nephi -20 & 10:9, compare 1 Nephi and Helaman ).

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Since the Jewish Sabbath is Saturday, does not this mean that Jesus must have died on a Friday? While such logic was clearly assumed by traditional Christianity, which has commemorated Friday as the day of Jesus’ death for 1800 years, those who so reasoned failed to take into account that Jesus died on the eve of Passover, and that Passover is a Festival Sabbath.

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