Dating the volcanic eruption at thera

It is believed that the eruption also severely affected the Minoan population on Crete, although the extent of the impact is debated.

Early theories proposed that ashfall from Thera on the eastern half of Crete choked off plant life, causing starvation of the local population.

This Plinian eruption resulted in an estimated 30 km (19 mi) to 35 km (22 mi) high plume which extended into the stratosphere.

In addition, the magma underlying the volcano came into contact with the shallow marine embayment, resulting in a violent steam eruption.

Since the Egyptian historical chronology has been established by numerous archeological studies, the exact date of the eruption remains controversial.The Thera volcanic events and subsequent ashfall probably sterilized the island, as occurred on Krakatoa.Only the Mount Tambora volcanic eruption of 1815 released more material into the atmosphere during historic times.placing the Volcanic Explosivity Index of the Thera eruption at 6 or 7.This was up to four times what was thrown into the stratosphere by Krakatoa in 1883, a well-recorded event.

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