Dating two women at the same time

You shouldn’t explicitly mention to a women you are dating other people, at least in the first few months.

At the same time, you can’t lead them to believe they are the only person in your lives.

I’m not here to find out why you want to date multiple women, just to tell you it is entirely possible, provided you follow some guidelines.

Date multiple women correctly and you can enjoy a life of variety and freedom, without anyone getting hurt.

How many hordes of marriages have begun as one-night whatevers, turned into two-night affairs, turned to oh-shit-it's-Monday-morning-and-I-haven't-been-home-yet endeavors and snowballed on and on from there?

Many guys dream of dating multiple women, but few achieve it.

It might be because they want the sexual variety or because they are searching for a girlfriend and need to date a lot of people to find out what qualities they like in a women.

As you become more involved with her, you can slowly reveal more about yourself and let the relationship grow. This one is down to your personal preference and personality.

Keep texting to a minimum between dates and don’t buy women gifts. Don’t take her on expensive dates, or be overly affectionate in public (at least for a couple of months). I’ve not had a problem with women sleeping over, but I do accept it can indicate a reasonable level of intent if not handled correctly.

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