Dating video dinosaur brains

The guide showed us what he thought was an allosaurus talon.

I rather doubt it was one, but I suppose it could have been.

Those who are committed to believing otherwise certainly could find alternative explanations if they wanted to.

This is true for these tracks as well as the more famous ones found at the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas.

The entire area was strewn with brightly colored stones, and concretions.

He showed us a spherical concretion called a “Moki marble.” I told him in jest that it was an eye of a whale. Allosaurus talon After the tour ended, we went on our little expedition to find the three tracks that Allen Roy told us about.

The dinosaur tracks were unmistakable, and were all over the place near the roadside stand.

The immediate area looked like a scene just shortly after a dinosaur square dance in the mud.

The tracks are located on top of a mesa, just after you crest a hill on the left-hand side of the road.

I think that you can make a case that there is a sequence of about five or six human prints here.

Now I would admit that there is really nothing here that would convince a die-hard evolutionist that the only explanation for these tracks are that humans made them.

These tracks are about 100 feet away from a large set of dinosaur tracks.

While we were conducting our Grand Circle geological tour in Arizona and Utah, we decided to see these tracks for ourselves.

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