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We have decided the we need to lighten the load on the Ding’s in the area of inspections.They are willing to try and carry the load they have been given, but it’s too large and they can’t get all of the inspections done.About the time we were getting ready for bed last evening, the phone rang. Both of their CO monitors had gone off again, but at different times.

We went in and had a delightful dinner and evening. We learned a week ago that they have been sleeping on box springs for months. A couple, from Hawaii, came into office at lunch time. Apparently, he was a mission president here about 15 years ago. He and his wife have turned in their mission papers and asked to be sent to Taiwan.

The sensor, in the monitors, only read down to about 50 ppm.

The literature says any levels of CO, under 100 ppm for 8 hours, are not harmful to humans.

She is from Taiwan originally, and also served a mission here. Zone conferences in the Taichung area cut down on traffic, both personal and electronic, in the office.

President Teh is aware of them, and trying to get them for the Taichung Mission. The late nights of this week have taken their toll on us. We came home just after PM so we can get prepared for our trip tomorrow. I prepared for taking supplies out to the missionaries tomorrow and Friday.

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