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Speaking of whom, did you notice, on the Le Hibou list, Jack and Jorma playing as a duo in '68? And maybe in Three's A Crowd, if the second version played the club.) Also, I wonder if John Hammond's visits to Ottawa were part of a 'tour' that led him through Toronto too, maybe even the time he first saw our guys play? The "all my friends are dead" album cover is hilarious. Afterwards Ackroyd formed James and the Good Brothers, who did the Festival Express tour with our guys and recorded a wonderful LP with members of the Dead and the Airplane. (Flying Circus was his band - an outgrowth of the Mynah Birds, of all things, and Olivus was too. And Heavenly Blue - in which group he and Amos Garrett seem to have taken turns being the guitarist. Web: My link With all due respect to the talented Ronnie Lane, I'd say that he was the third-best singer in the (Small) Faces, with number one being Steve Marriot.

He said the song was written in a hotel room the day he left the last camp, over a bottle of bourbon with tears running down his face.

Subject: Norbert/ Rick article I have seen that one before, I think we discussed back on LP. Robbie Robertson: Anyone catch that ( one and only ) band he said he was currently impressed with? Give me the word and I'll call Schwartz's Delicatessen to cater the shiva. I think it's a huge intrusion when someone's at a luggage carousel to pester them (plus filming in a security area would get you arrested most places).

I don't know who Mariana Fikes is, but I found the article pretty "venomous". And the guy just happens to have a Stratocaster scratch plate on him? The point about a signed guitar isn't just a scratch plate. Paddy Roberts was a comedy singer and his EP with "The Ballad of Bethnal Green" is something you see a lot in secondhand stores so it must have sold well at the time.

The Concert For Bangla Desh- George Harrison & Friends 27. Don't Shiva just yet, as the place has Lazaroidian tendencies - went from oldies to sports and back within a year or so.

The Velvet Underground & Nico- The Velvet Underground & Nico 26. The world knows about Dylan going electric but I still remember the furor caused in mid/late 70s in Canada when Cockburn went electric If I had a Rocket launcher was a long way from what he played to sandal wearing coffee drinkers in 64 Landmark: CHUM is now CP27 - an all news station or something hideous like that.

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sadavid: Speaking of whom, given that the real name is Rynoski, there seems a good chance that he's one of the chosen - but does he have a spot on one of those lists of great Canuckichukistanis? Four westerners (two Saskatchewanians, a Winnipegger and a Skritnik from BC) transplanted to Toronto.

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