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But the idea of picking someone up in a club is alien for him: "If I didn't have to trust someone so much not to discard me because of my disability then I would have been freer with my sexuality."Sometimes, he continues, he feels like "some kind of plaque on the wall to be achieved".Past relationships have often ended because of "some element of my disability". Which is to say nothing of the encounters Willis experiences outside of dating.Religious people have approached him in the street and said, "You're disabled because you're atoning for previous sins so you can be in heaven in the next [life]."Even the more common, well-meaning attitudes can be exasperating."The very idea that I'm inspiring for being able to get on a bus or cook a meal is absolute bollocks," he says."And the idea that disabled people have to be thankful for the treatment they received, regardless of if it's 'Please let me help you off the train' or 'You know there's a lift, right? People are surprised when I'm agitated; they feel like I have to be nice to them.Its new campaign "End the Awkward" aims to encourage people to feel more comfortable socialising with and dating people with disabilities.

At 17, he felt able to talk about his sexuality."I came out first as bisexual and thought, No I'm probably, definitely gay, and then later thought, Hang on, no, the bisexual label fits.

Willis hasn't used only Grindr, but also sites like Ok Cupid.

Whichever he uses, before meeting anyone, there is something he always does: comes out about having a disability."I've never had the courage not to say anything about my disability, even if it's 30 seconds before we meet, I'd send a message: 'Just so you know, I walk with a stick, I have a disability.' The reason I do that is because it puts it there: Here's my issue, deal with it or fuck off." He looks down.

Another man on Grindr sent the following message: "Oh my god, I've never slept with a bisexual person before! "In day-to-day life," he says, "bisexuality is invisible, so one side of my identity is invisible – although often hyper-sexualised – and on the other side there is this very visible physical disability, but disabled people are desexualised." Willis works at an organisation for people with disabilities, and walks with a stick.

His particular version of cerebral palsy is called spastic diplegia, which affects the mobility of muscles in the legs and pathways between those muscles and the brain. He sways a bit, he stoops a little, and this is progress.

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More time needs to be given to letting disabled people do that too."Everyone, he adds, is vulnerable – yet it is people with disabilities who are viewed in these terms, in a way that wraps them in cotton wool, without helping where it's really needed.

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  1. Now he is in university and according to him , in a converstion with Mike Dexter, he tells him that " guys like me and you bro are a dime a dozen. They care about the environment and things and they all date guys that are in pre-med. What makes this movie so much fun to watch is that it is reminiscent of an 80's film.