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Eventually, I softened and started to warm up to the possibility of being in a relationship. He was really cute, really sweet, had a good job, and seemed pretty much perfect for me.

I liked him a lot at first, well a lot in relation to how much I was capable of liking anyone at that point which wasn’t really that much.

When a guy won’t call you his girlfriend it doesn’t always mean he doesn’t like you or that he never will.

Oftentimes, it may mean that he isn’t ready to commit in that way at that moment.

I guess by not being his girlfriend, I was pre-emptively avoiding all the messiness a breakup involves.

Also, not being an official couple just made me feel safe, like there was still a distance between us that would prevent him from getting too close.

I mean, why did this guy want a girlfriend so badly? Is he so insecure that he I did like D from the beginning, and I may have grown to really like him if he had given me the chance rather than trying to force me into feeling how he wanted me to feel when he wanted me to feel it.One thing I’ve noticed is that guys don’t bounce back from breakups as easily as us gals do.They can’t just dive right into the next relationship which is why, I’m sure you’ll notice, the guys that won’t call you their girlfriends are usually still licking their wounds from a previous breakup. My relationships at that point would go something like this: we would meet, there would be a spark, we’d hang out a few times, after a few weeks I would freak out and feel trapped and suffocated, I would then lose all interest in the relationship and would do whatever I could to sabotage it.I felt guilty but also kind of alarmed at my inability to feel anything.

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Eric does a great job explaining what might be going on in your guy’s mind but I have some insights that, although from a female perspective, will be of great value as well. The experience caused me to completely shut down emotionally.

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