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As a British Singer and songwriter, Calum Scott height is measured at 5 feet 8 inch and weighs estimated at 65 kg.

his skin is white toned, has dark hair and brownies eyes.

As a single mother, it was hard to raise him and his sister along with her job.

Raised in the difficult period of their life, Calum and his sister found comfort in music and began singing.

When straight girls tell me “all the good ones are either gay or taken” I can actually feel my soul leave my body, and ascend to another plane of existence.

Moreover, he is a good acquaintance to gay singer Sam Smith, whom he credited for helping and supporting with his sexuality.

In March 2018, Calum announced that he once again had failed relationship, this time with a guy.

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  1. I’ve been really skinny since childhood and some people often were worried about me lifting something or carrying something because they look at my arms and only thing they see are bones. So girls, don’t worry about your body or your looks, because yes, all men aren’t the same and all people aren’t the same too.