Daughter dating man older than father

Her work has been published on various websites, including Walden University's Think Up.

She has worked in international business and is a licensed customs broker.

Being a teen with a dating parent can feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Cancelling plans with his daughter to go out with you may cause her to feel abandoned and rejected.

Even though a teenager is less likely to quickly form an attachment to a father’s girlfriend the way a younger child would, it can still be confusing if she starts to like you, and then things don't work out. If things get serious and his daughter starts spending a lot of time around the two of you, let your boyfriend enforce the rules.

Some teens resist the idea of a parent dating someone new and may act out to try to cause friction.

It's best to try to play the role of a counselor or friend until you establish a bond, according to the American Psychological Association article, "Making Stepfamilies Work." Even if you get along great, remember that you are not her mother.

Never undermine her mother by letting her do things her mother would not or talking badly about her.

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