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" Charice stressed that she always dedicates her performances to her friends and family, but never to a special someone.

"If it's a love song, I dedicate it to my friends and family but not David Archuleta,” she laughingly clarified.

Second, singing love songs with emotion, I think it's part of being a singer.

Every time you sing, you should feel the song even if you're not in love.

The Filipino songstress replied: "What a question, what a question.

First of all, I'm friend with David Archuleta and he is a great guy.

He released his fourth album "Forevermore" on 26 March, 2012.

Charice is enrolled in an online school, taking up information technology (IT) since she is a "computer addict." When asked about her Christmas wish, meantime, Charice, who hails from Laguna, said: "I just want to be with my friends and family.

I think that's the best though I'm always with them every Christmas.

Among them, he won that award for Iconic Fan Favorite. His third album name is "The Other Side of Down" which was released on 5 October, 2010.

He released his first album in 2008 soon after becoming runner up of "American Idol". The album sold 24,000 copies in its first week of its release.

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He participated in Utah singing competition and he won that competition. He was one of the contestants of seventh season of "American Idol” and that was in mid of 2007.

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