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When you get a message on HEY you know it's from the most important person in the world, exclusively for you.

Your closest friends, family members and loved ones are never far away.

It also helps you pair the bracelets easily, fast and without any hassle.HEY comes as a set: two bracelets that are linked to each other via Bluetooth and an app on your smartphone. With HEY you use a simple touch to let someone know you're thinking of him/her.By softly squeezing your personal HEY your beloved one will experience your touch like you’re really there. Your tiny squeeze can be comforting, motivating or funny. You are the only one noticing the subtle touch message around your wrist.The HEY app will be available for Android and i OS.HEY is developed in close collaboration with Gijs Huisman, from the University of Twente.

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