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Unlike newly issued Savings Bonds, all Series EE Savings Bonds issued in April 2005 and earlier have rates that adjust every six months.

The bonds issued during this eight-year period earn an interest rate during each six-month rate period that is 90% of the average yield for five-year Treasury securities in the previous November-April or May-October period.

Female representation of 30% on a company board is the tipping point at which it stops being tokenistic and begins to make a difference on things like innovation.

I have had two different cable providers before DIRECTV and had worse luck with them.

The file for ‘pending’ direct deposit transactions is created soon after we confirm the regular MO/BW payroll process.

DIRECTV wants to make sure you always have a front row seat.

Whether you’re the most loyal booster, a casual fan, or maybe not all that interested in sports, you must always have a choice over what teams you might want to pay to watch.“You really think if you switch that you will be protected from channel losses and rate increases?

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This is usually every other Monday for the BW payroll and around the 24th of each month for the MO payroll.

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