Do ron and hermione dating in real life

” Another added: “I am shocked beyond belief that Jo would feel that Harry/Hermione would be a better match.I’m seriously in shock.” This is not the first time that Rowling has stunned fans by making pronouncements about her characters outside the pages of her books.

Now that he’s stripped away his Slytherin robes, Tom Felton is mainly focusing his attention on his musical career, which means we’re keeping an even closer eye on him. In reality, Bonnie Wright is just as strong-willed, and seems to have a magical taste in men…

I can’t really remember anything apart from that.” Luckily, “one take was enough” for the high-pressure scene as Watson also found the experience mildly traumatising.

“Dan and I could sort of have a laugh about it whereas Rupert’s a bit more quiet so I didn’t really know what he was thinking which made me a bit more nervous.” The cast reunited for a Harry Potter celebration at Universal Orlando Resort on Friday.

There was Ron and Lavender, Hermione and Krum, Cho and Cedric, and even Hagrid and Madame Maxime.

However, as the cameras stopped rolling on the Wizarding World, these characters stepped out of their robes and retired their wands to find love in the Muggle world.

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