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He started filming Bruce several months after the 2003 event, and he's behind the camera as Bruce retraces his day at Coney Island Hospital and then visits London to meet old pals."Unknown White Male" is Murray's first full-length documentary and his big break. He and Bruce feel burned by the skeptical press already generated by the movie, including a short piece in GQ magazine quoting director Michel Gondry (of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" fame) saying that he met Bruce and thought him a phony.

Llewelyn was Jeff Probst decades before actual Probst—true audience surrogate Probst, not the controlling-producer-Probst—asking the questions we were thinking as the litigants revealed their true feelings about what had just happened.While Wapner is retired and 96 and Burrell died in 2002 at 76, Llewelyn is back in the courtroom today. Conan The Barbarian and several editions of the annual Academy Awards.That courtroom is now at the Connecticut Film Center in Stamford, Connecticut, not a Los Angeles soundstage. For the past decade Doug has specialized in creating TV productions for corporate America, including such giants as Apple Computer, Mac Donald’s, Hallmark, The Shriner’s Hospitals, and others.Murray is sitting in a conference room in the Manhattan offices of Wellspring, the movie's distributor. Along with Double Dare and COPS, The People’s Court was one of my 1980s addictions, television that pulled me in with the promise of watching real people deal with real life.

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