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Obviously, it would not have been successful if you had wept violently and hung on the neck of your lover, saying, "I think I'll die if you don't marry me! I need the money so badly and I've only had two sales so far this week.

If you turn me down, I think I'll go straight out and kill myself!

But as time passes, one individual begins to feel trapped in a relationship with someone he or she no longer respects.It addresses not only marriages in distress, but concepts that will strengthen less troubled relationships. Death itself would be easier to tolerate than being tossed aside like an old shoe.Let me focus my comments this month on the most important among them. If one word must be selected to describe the entire experience, it would be something equivalent to panic.The standard approach to marriage counselling is to teach husbands and wives how to revitalize unhealthy relationships and help them work through their conflicts. Just as a drowning person exhausts himself or herself in a desperate attempt to grasp anything that floats, a rejected partner typically tries to grab and hold the one who is leaving.Unfortunately, such advice assumes that both parties are equally motivated to work on their problems. Typically, when a marriage is unravelling, there is one partner who is less concerned about the prospect of divorce, while the other is terrified by it. This panic then leads to appeasement, which destroys what is left of the marriage.

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