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A few days after his terrific NFL rookie season, Stephens was back home hunting squirrels and helping his old high school prepare for spring practice. He wanted to know about you." And so the Patriots figured they struck jackpot, getting a 22-year-old who rushed for the second-highest season total in club history. The next season, Week 7 against the 49ers, Stephens found a hole and broke into the secondary. Fuller and fellow safety Ronnie Lott were devastating hitters, to the point where receivers were afraid to catch passes across the middle because they preferred to eat food with a knife and fork instead of through a straw. The memory of that hit on Fuller stole something from Stephens, stole his toughness, stole his desire."He was just a good old country boy," said John King, a former high school teammate. "Playing with Ronnie," Fuller said recently, "was fun. He only confided in a few people how he was changed forever. Or it could be him." * * * The first time he was accused of rape was 1994, at the Adam's Mark hotel in Kansas City, just days before his football career ended when the Chiefs cut him and a year after Sloane was born.

His coach was Raymond Berry, the Hall of Famer who caught passes from John Unitas and played against Jim Brown, and this is what Berry remembers about Stephens: "Best athlete I ever laid eyes on." Berry is 80 now but swears he isn't suffering from memory loss. This guy had everything." Stephens came to the Patriots' attention at the draft combine, before it turned into a well-orchestrated, overly-hyped Mel Kiper Jr. Stephens benched 250 pounds 20 times and ran 4.4 in the 40, causing stopwatches to be checked, jaws to drop and his stock to rise.

"When I first saw him, I thought he was a linebacker. He ran with such anger and force, like somebody was trying to take his last drink of water." Stephens went to a small school because no one knew much about him in high school, either.

He was from Springhill, about a half-tank of gas from Shreveport and resting on the Arkansas border.

"She sure is strong, just like her daddy," he'd tell friends and family members. "She gon' beat that Serena one day, you watch and see," he swore. There she'll find a crowd anxiously hoping she becomes the Next Big Thing, just as John predicted years ago. Nudged into tennis by her mother at age nine, Sloane developed gradually in the juniors, became one of the top Americans in her late teens and then -- in this breakout year -- beat Serena and most recently Maria Sharapova (causing Sharapova to shockingly fire her new coach, Jimmy Connors, after one match together).

And when she did beat Serena Williams six months ago, bounced the 16-time Grand Slam winner right out of the Australian Open, Sloane Stephens finally arrived in tennis, but four years too late for John. 1, on the four-year anniversary of his death at age 43, it would surprise no one if Sloane starts pushing through the draw of the U. Sloane once described her relationship with her dad as "very good." Well, truth be told, it was very incomplete. Sloane was world-ranked as high as 15 and is now at 17. Sloane reached the semifinals in Australia, the fourth round at Roland Garros and the quarters at Wimbledon, creating a reputation as a big-tournament player.

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