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I don’t think I’ll be getting hired by Microsoft’s marketing department any time soon, and I should probably see a doctor.

Additionally, browser support tends to be a little spotty.Understanding the lingo of Sharepoint development is a huge part of being able to communicate with the back-end devs, so let’s take a look at a list of some of the terms you might come across.It should be noted that this is only a partial list of Sharepoint terms; realistically, there are dozens, or even hundreds, of unfamiliar terms you might hear when working on a Sharepoint project.In general, a single Sharepoint site (of which there could be many within the whole application, remember) is composited in the following manner: That is, a list/library full of data is fed into a web part, which displays that data on a page, which is a portion of an overall site or sub-site. If you’ll recall, I mentioned that Sharepoint does bear some similarities to other CMSes you might be familiar with; for example, you’ve probably grasped that this flow of information is pretty similar to the way a CMS like Wordpress would display data via a widget that you’ve placed on the page.If it weren’t for Microsoft having some insatiable urge to give things convoluted names like “web part” and “list/library” instead of “widget” and “database/datastore,” you probably would have grasped that even more quickly. Unfortunately, you’ll find that’s a recurring trend within Sharepoint; Microsoft loves to rename things that are already commonly-understood within the web development community.

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It’s not as useful when used as an internet site, due to many of its features being geared towards document sharing and collaboration.

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